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Hentai Games are various +18 rated japanese games in anime & manga style, translated into English and available here. Read reviews, watch gallery and play it yourself! All games are for downloads, and they are full of steamy and hot anime chicks or romantic scenes. Hentai Games are also known as “eroge”, in japanese “erotic gemmu”. General term “hentai games” does not allow for easy classification.Visual Novel games lets the player mak various choicec which are developing non-linear storyline, leading to one of the endings and of course some sensual scene. Visual novel are very popular in Japan and there are even many mangas and anime, which based upon popular Visual Novels. Those games are sometimes also called Doujins and are made by anime fans.

But there are also eroge dating sims, RPG or action games, all available on our website. All games picked here have their english versions. Check available titles and go pick up some anime chicks!