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Men Bang: Adult Gay Business Sim Game for PCs and Mobiles with Hot Guys

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francois sagat men bang

As a gay otaku, I can easily get a lot of “reading”material when it comes to Japanese manga genre called Yaoi (or “Boy’s love”) that features usually sweet and sometimes dramatic relationship between male characters and there are some neat Yaoi anime like Okane ga Nai,  not to mention rather infamous Boku no Pico.

yaoi anime

There are plenty of Japanese yaoi manga and anime to satisfy any appetite.

However, until recently, boy’s love where underrepresented in video games.  There might be some obscure Japanese titles, especially Visual Novels, but they weren’t translated into English, so they’re unplayable by anyone without proficiency in the oriental language of the land of Chrysanthemum and Sword, as Ruth Benedict put it (and she didn’t speak a word in Japanese by the way).

Fortunately, hentai game publisher Nutaku that celebrates LGBT values, has filled out this gap by releasing an online gay game called Men Bang. This explicit game, lets you become a film director and a cab driver Taxi Style, getting laid with hot guys and making money on your XXX videos. You can do that now – at least in this casual game for PCs and mobiles that is available for free. See what it’s about and discover how you can woo dudes in this review.

How does it play?

I’m pretty sure it takes inspiration from an old, but good game called Lula: The Sexy Empire, where you were building your own adult entertainment business, shoot the movies and generally watch the guys perform naughty. This time it’s fully online and it’s definitely not an indie game, albeit still a casual one. You will be managing adult studio, fake taxi style, and to do this succesfully you have to convince guys to perform, level up your relationship, build facilities and improve skills – enjoying hot action at the same time.

date bang men gay game

You’ll need to perform a variety of actions to convince your performers to show some of their body and even perform in a movie for you, like taking a guy to a date.

gay online free game

While you’re away and not playing, you’ll be collecting money and improving skills. If you’ve played similar online browser games you know how this works.

Crucial mechanic is improving relationships with performers, which is done via buying gifts, taking them to dates and of course – clicking and tapping on the screen, depending if you’re playing on PC or phone. It can be played on both, as it works on online account, so it will be accessible wherever you are.

francois sagat men bang

Game feature a real pornstars like Francois Sagat and many more. Unfortunately there is no voiceover, but dialogues are funny and lighthearted.

gay game hentai

Getting new guys rewards you with unlocking new skills.

Is it hot?

One thing you’ll notice instantly is that it’s made in entirely different art style than the usual hentai games and it looks very cartoony, similar to the old Flash games. I think this art direction can be biggest flaw or the biggest turnon for you, depending on your tastes. If you’ve played these short free Flash games, you’ll like it really much, otherwise it might not be your thing. Some prefer fathers and some sons, and there’s nothing wrong with it!

Besides that, it’s a good game with plenty of content and about twenty guys that are willing to pose in your cab. You can obviously go back to unlocked galleries and recollect memories, especially if you’re particularly fond of some hot cake. Besides sex scenes, unlocked via relationship screen, you can even challenge other players to some luscious contests, like which one makes a guy cum faster. That’s some hot idea!

You can even dress up dudes in some slutty (or more innocent) uniforms, so they can battle other players better. Each costume provides various bonuses, so balanced combination is the best way to go. C’mon, don’t be skimpy, buy him this sexy tight leathear pants!

game gay online

When you fully unlock the guy, you can start employing him in your studio. The more dudes you unlock, the more means to profit you’ll have. As you can see, the game is indeed explicit.

Why should you play Men Bang?

  • Well, it might be the first gay game in its genre,
  • Works on mobiles and PCs and it’s UI is definitely optimized for smartphones,
  • Casual browser game that you can always log in into to see how your business develops and hop onto some hot action,
  • Western-comic art style – which you’ll love or hate,
  • 20 eager guys to “work” with,
  • One of the best yaoi game you can play,
  • Collecting dudes feels like catching Pokemons – although it’s a clicker, so be prepared to click and tap a lot,
  • New large expansion just released, so it’s updated regularly,
  • Available in several languages that can be picked in settings.

Interested in playing? It’s free, with microtransactions if you want to level up faster and so on, but it’s nothing necessary as the game plays fine without much grind, at least in the beginning. Requires free registration as it is online game. See it now and try it.

Play Men Bang Now

5 Best Hentai Games You Can Play For Free

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harem heroes hentai game

Do you know that besides classic Visual Novels, there are some really cool hentai games, starring cute girls that you can get intimate with? On top of that, there are games that actually have good playability and will get you hooked to the PC or smartphone. So get your lube ready as you’ll be needing it a lot 🙂 when playing these hot games. All these hentai titles are available for free, and they’re online, which means you can jump it now. Your new waifu shouldn’t wait too long, so pick the game you need and have some fun with scantily clad heroines.

Click the link on each title or picture to see full review for the game, provided by our friends from Asia Cookie and to play it now.

5. Harem Heroes

harem heroes hentai game

This popular online game is a sexy manga parody that features anime tropes and not-entirely-licensed girls from anime like One Piece, Dragonball Z or King of Fighters beatem-up game. The protagonist is a bespectacled guy that is transported into world where all the cute girls are eager, if not sex obsessed – an otaku heaven! You’ll need to befriend your girls, build ultimate harem and travel through the world, completing quests.

You’ll also need to train the girls so they could compete with other players in PVP matches, so you can get more gold. Available on PCs and Android mobiles, you can enjoy steaming hentai sex wherever you are (at least if you have internet connection). Very popular and fun to play, recommended for beginners!

4. Marchen Nocturne

top hentai games online

Marchen Nocturne is latest RPG/Visual Novel hybrid that stars cute girls fighting monsters in a valiant effort to defeat demon king. Obtain new girls in ‘gacha’ or random draws, equip them with items and form teams to defeat your enemies. Beside battles (that actually play by itself) there are Visual Novel events in a tone much more serious than Harem Heroes. Finally you have “Intimacy” feature, where you’ll be able to get close with a girls in a hot scenes. But first, you need to level them up!

If you’re interested in more serious story and original artwork, inspired by more mature anime like titles from Studio Ghibli, try it. The game is new, so it had some serious bugs while we played it, but as it’s online it will surely be fixed soon.

3. Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena Hentai Game

azuma taimanin asagi hentai

Taimanin Asagi is considered an anime hentai masterpiece. so no wondered it was also reworked as an adult game. If you don’t know the premise, it’s a game about sexy ninjas that fight the demons, and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) for the poor girls, they don’t win too often, instead being subjected to have sex with their demonic captors. This game is really explicit, with gangbangs, tentacles and all the naughties stuff the Japanese come up with, so expect it being quite hardcore. That being said, even without hentai scenes, Taimanin Asagi presents intricate combat system that includes also PvP.

When beginning the game, you have to choice one of the three starting girls, but don’t worry if you want to have them all (who wouldn’t?). By completing quest and random draws you will be eventually able to obtain all three – and a several dozens more.

As one of readers noticed, the game’s development in Japan stopped, as it’s a classic title, but fortunately, it’s still available for Western adult gamers, with regular events and side-stories added each week or two.

2. Attack on Moe-H

And if hardcore netorare gangbangs and slimy tentacles aren’t your thing, try Attack on Moe-H. This hentai game is inspired by Attack on Titan anime, and it is a casual clicker that can play… by itself, even when you’re offline. Upgrade your hero and his band, pick up new skills and fight bosses, all by clicking on the screen. And if you manage to beat up moe bosses, you’ll be rewarded with intimacy time – when you need to click the girl again, to arouse her more. While this is an adult game, the art style isn’t too kinky, though obviously you’ll see some nice cute naked girls when playing.

Since it’s a clicker and it was optimized for smartphones, we suggest to pick it up if you’re mobile gamer. It’s always nice to grind some gold wherever you want, and the hentai scenes are rewarding.

attack on titan game hentai

1. Oblivious

This is our favorite hentai game, as Oblivious has probably the biggest budget of them all. It features cute artwork, more than 60 girls to collect and even 3D effects on battle screen. This is a tactical JRPG/Visual Novel, similar to Marchen Nocturne, but even better.

The story is about a summoner protagonist that tries to summon powerful demons to protect his kingdom, but instead, he summons… pretty girls with magical powers! Build your team, send them on your quests, obtain gear to equip and even gifts for your might warriors, clerics and wizards. Each girl has its favorite kinds of gift and presenting them their favorite items upgrades your affection level. And when you get to the certain threshold, well, you know what happens – affection. 

There are 2 scenes for each girl, and most importantly, the scenes are fully voiced in Japanese, so if you don’t want your housemates hear what you’re doing, better play it on the headphones! Overall this is really sexy game, and it has interesting story and cool fights. We’re playing it a lot!

hentai game tactical rpg

So that’s our top 5 list of games that will be surely a pleasure to play. Interested in more free hentai games starring sexy anime girls? See all games on Asia Cookie and play!

see all hentai games


Harajuku Rude Cat T-Shirt

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Cats are cute little furballs that like to purr and play, right? At least until you’re feeding them and if you don’t fill their bowl in time, you’ll face a true cat wrath as they’ll become Death, the Destroyers of Worlds. Now you can embrace this dualistic nature of cat, with Rude Cat t-shirt hailing from the Harajuku streets (Japanese love their cats too). These t-shirts are available on Aliexpress for just a few bucks – about $7 with free shipping worldwide. Quite cool!

Harajuku Rude Cat T-Shirt Gallery

cat shirt rude Harajuku

harajuku rude cat tshirt Aliexpress

cat shirt rude HARAJUKU

cat shirt rude pocket

And remember: it’s okay, if it’s the cat flipping you. Just don’t try it the other way!

cat flipping you tshirt


Rem From Re:Zero Figures: Now Cheaper than Ever

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re-zero Aliexpress

Rem (レム) is one of the twin maids from Re:Zero anime. Some say she’s the ultimate waifu and we’re pretty sure there are countless otaku’s around the world that fell in love with her terribly. She also has identical twin sister and knows magic – what else to expect from charming kawaii anime girl? If you want to get some Re:Zero figures on a budget and get your own Rem for a cheap, try Aliexpress from China. This huge storefront offers basically the same anime figures that you can get from US stores, at half or even less the price. Here’s some overview of what you can get, including most popular figures, picked by hundreds of buyers.

Re:Zero Rem Figures from Aliexpress

re zero Aliexpress

Nendo Rem: because everyone likes chibi, or superdeformed style. It’s only $21 (including worldwide shipping) and you’re getting a full set of accessories too.


This magnificient figure is 1/6 scale Rem. It’s about 24 cm big, so it’s quite huge figure. Excellent details and top quality is confirmed by buyers that gave it 4.5/5 rating.  The price? Incredibly low at just $25 with free shipping worldwide. Awesome deal.

How about an acrylic keychains with Rem or her sister? Four patterns to pick from. These are popular in Japan, and you can grab it for just $1.80 with free shipping to US or Europe – even if you buy just this gadget.

Rem can be now your waifu, literally. This bride Rem is scantily clad, and it’s just about $20. A weird choice for a wedding attire if you aske me, but then again, Rem isn’t your typical girl! 🙂

Happy birthday Anon-kun! This time, Rem made you a cake and while the cake might be a lie, this figure certainly is true and will bring smile to your face. Aliexpress has exceptional price for this figure, just about $32, so if it’s your birthday soon, maybe it’s gift yourself with a nice present? And you certainly won’t find a better price anywhere else!


Squishy Unicorn Poo

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unicorn poo

unicorn poo


Unicorns are horses too, ya’ know. Hence, they had the same needs as mundane beasts: they need to eat, sleep and make a poo. And this will be most fabulous poop you’ll see, with glittery horn and rainbow colors. It’s squishy, made from elastic foam, scented and makes great anti-stress gadget, as you can squeeze it and it will always return to original shape. Definitely the cool, if not unusual gadget for unicorn lovers. Just $7 with free shipping worldwide from Banggood!

otaku gadgets buy

Saber Figures from Fate Stay Night

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Saber – or more precisely Artoria Pendragon is a warrior-maid and a noble knight from Fate/Stay Night series, an anime that creatively draws from Arthurian legends – and is really good at that. It gained some cult following, and no wonder that its main character now lives in hearts of many otaku. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a noble waifu, ready to defend you from the dangers of evil lurking outside the basement? 🙂

Anyway, due to its popularity, there are plenty of Saber and FSN merch, so if you consider yourself a fan, it might be worth picking an anime figure or two, to have your own Saber sitting in the desk, sword drawn and all. While typically these figures costs as much as $100-$150, or even more for Out of Production figures, you can get it much, much cheaper on Aliexpress – like for $25 and with free shipping worldwide. Take a look at what you can find there and see really good deals that you can grab:

saber cosplay aliexpress

Saber Cosplay by Anna Fishcher

Saber figures on Aliexpress

saber fate stay night aliexpress

Saber anime figure – at 15 cm height, it’s quite tall, and she looks imposing in her armor.  Features impressive number of customization and can be posed in unlimited amount of battle stances. The price? Just $24 (including shipping) and more than 100 sold – that’s really good offer!

Saber in velvet dress: This is huge figure and it looks fantastic, with flowing dress and dynamic pose. Has some props to spice it up and customize your own, sexy-looking Black Saber. It’s 26 cm big (!) and it’s only $42.55 – a true piece of art!

Saber in black, red or white skirt and jacket. Three colors to choose from – my favorite is black and it’s actually sitting at my desk as I write this. About $24 with shipping and it’s at 1/7 scale.

keychain aliexpress fate

There is also this cute Saber keychain and it’s only $1.82 with free shipping. You get free delivery even if you aren’t buying anything else from this seller!

nendoroid aliexpress fate

Everyone loves Nendos, or anime figures in superdeformed kawaii style. Pick it up for just $18 with shipping and enjoy your little Saber!


Wonderful Megumin Figures: Now Even Cheaper

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Megumin (めぐみん) is one of female protagonists of anime KonoSuba and this lovable character has really explosive temperament! No wonder it’s really popular in cosplay events and it has a big fandom. Being really obsessed with explosion magic, she likes to blow things up – and that includes hearts of otakus that claim she’s their only waifu 🙂 Because of the cult following, there are quite a few anime figures available, but since they aren’t readily available or sold at big prices, we’ve decided to present you some Aliexpress alternatives, where you can get it much cheaper – at the same quality and with free shipping worldwide.

megumin cosplay

Megumin cosplay by Jenny Belly.

Aliexpress Megumin Figures

megumin aliexpress

Megumin Nendo #725 f0r about $9: features several props for your Archwizard so you can pose her as you wish. Now you can get your Megumin on a desk in a cute kawaii superdeformed style. Inexpensive worldwide, and gets top reviews from the buyers.

Another Megumin Nendo, slightly lesss popular. About $14 and you’re getting a full set of accesories too. Considering free shipping, it’s actually less expensive than the one above, with a total price of $14.

And another seller has Megumin Nendo too. Great reviews, with 4.4 total rating and superb price of $14 with free shipping to US or Europe.

acrylic megumin Aliexpress

You can also get this acrylic stand for just $4.24 with free shipping, even if you order just this stand.

megumin keychain

… or maybe you’re interested in these Megumin kawaii keychains? Sellers offer discounts if you get several pieces. They’re lovely and are sold for just $3-4 for one.



Hatsune Miku Figures on Aliexpress

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Aliexpress is a wonderful place for looking great otaku gear, if sometimes not entirely genuine stuff. That’s mainly because anime figures are made almost entirely in China, and additional surplus stocks are sold in local marketplaces. Figures typically found there are the same quality for half (or even less!) the price and available with free shipping, the only difference – if any – being box. Take a look at the figures of sensational virtual reality singer Hatsune Miku, known also as vocaloid that you can get on a budget.

Hatsune Miku Figurines from Aliexpress

Hatsune Miku Aliexpress

Classic Miku with Leeks! This cherished vocaloid figure is highly customizable, has great quality and is a bestseller at just $14.07 with free shipping worldwide.

Hatsune Miku Aliexpress

Chibi Miku, now unavailable for sale anywhere else, other than on Aliexpress. Just about $13, with shipping for a few bucks.

Magic Miku – a wonderful figure full of character and additional props to stage your virtual reality superstar singer. Hard to imagine, but it’s only $22 with Free Shipping (fulfilled from Aliexpress warehouse, so you can possibly count on slightly faster delivery than usual 4-6 weeks).

Hatsune Miku Aliexpress Hatsune Miku Aliexpress

Magical Snow Chibi Miku – another excellent quality figure for the collectors that you should get. Top quality components and low price make it an excellent gift idea for any Vocaloid enthusiast.

Sakura Miku Sakura Miku

Sakura Miku – more expensive, with shipping that isn’t free, but the figure looks simply wonderful. This amazing romantic Miku can be yours for about $30 + delivery cost.

Biker Miku: this sporty, fit version features bike that you can put your Miku on, so she can win the ride (to be the first in your heart 🙂 ). About $30 including shipping, and the quality is exceptional. It’s a big deal!

Women are Buying… Fake Hymens from China to Cheat on Husbands

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artificial hymen aliexpress

artificial hymen aliexpress

Chinese Aliexpress is full of curiosities that you won’t find in Western online stores, but here’s something we haven’t expected: an artificial hymen. That’s right – jsut put it in the right place to get back the virginity again. It’s easy to use, inexpensive and reliable – and it looks like it’s silently popular in US and Europe too. It doesn’t hurt anyone, so it’s a good thing right? Maybe except their poor boyfriends and husbands that are tricked into believing that she’s so innocent it’s the first time for her. 

artificial hymen aliexpress

hymen Aliexpress

You can even find two pieces in the box – useful when you have to use this trick again on yet another poor boyfriend.


The kind Chinese seller even posted a quite precise manual for the device, as usually written in broken Chinglish, that’s easy to understand though. Here’s what you should do to let your boyfriend think you’re intact (original spelling and grammar):

An artificial hymen repair kit also known as artificial virginity kit (and popularly referred to as a “chinese hymen” or “fake hymen”) is a type of prosthetic membrane created for the purpose of simulating an intact human hymen. Since hymens can be broken via physical activity or even by the use of a tampon (yeah, right), many women are concerned about restoring their virginity.

“How it works”

“Insert the Artificial Hymen into your vagina carefully. It will quickly tighten your vagina in few minutes . When your lover penetrates, it will ooze out a liquid that appears like blood, not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans and you will pass through undetectable!

Step 1: remove bag, Crumpled it and put it into the vagina about 5 cm, about the location of the middle finger of the second joint.

Step 2: keep it inside for at least 20 minutes, but not more than 60 minutes , you can have sex next.

Step 3: sex, pretending to be shy, avoid foreplay. Can’t let his fingers into your vagina, and asked him to turn off the lights.

Step 4: wash your vagina after sex in 24 hours.

Note: do not use if you have serious gynecopathy mind. (WTF does it even mean?)

My store has products for vaginal tightening, use them to get a better effect (?). “

But who’s buying this?

This ingenious device has been sold in hundreds and is available for $28 with free shipping worldwide. You might think it would sell mainly in South Asian and African countries, where a woman can be beaten up for not keeping her virginity intact. In fact, it’s completely different. This artificial hymen sells best in first world countires like US, France or Netherlands. And women are boasting their cleverness and satisfaction with the product – like in this juicy comment from cunning girlfriend:

hymen aliexpress

Very fast delivery. Used this on my bf and he definitely believe he was my first one.

So it looks like the value of marital purity is universal, and judging from buyers from around the world – from Japan to Canada and the US, the demand is large, on every latitude as not many men want “this promiscuous thot”. And one thing is certain: the next time a girl whispers into your ear, “This is my first time, be gentle”, just check her Aliexpress transaction history first.

Weird and Wonderful World of Fursuits from Aliexpress

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fursuits aliexpress

You really have to be out of the loop to know nothing about Furries – a quirky fandom of people dressing like wild animals and taking their “fursona”. Some take it just as a cosplay and a mean to just have Friday fun, after a long work week, while others make it their entire lifestyle. While typically “fursuits” or furry costumes might cost as much as a car, there is an alternative: popular Chinese website Aliexpress where you can get it much cheaper and even get it tailored precisely to your needs – no more than several hundred bucks or even less. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings: even if you aren’t identifying as an animal, you have to admit, these costumes look cool and impressive.

Fursuits on Aliexpress

Most notable seller that offers fursuits is OISK Mascots that actually makes professional mascot costumes for sports events or movies. He has entire category devoted to Fursuits and there are some really well made.

fursuit aliexpress

Tiger Costume – $499 with free shipping worldwide

fox suit

Fox suit, the most popular fursuit from this sellers, has a great reviews too and comes with $559 price tag

husky fursuit dog Aliexpress

Pink Husky Fursuit – licence plate indicates, the buyer was from Germany. $459 with free shipping just like others.

Another Fox Fursuit – looks nice, is slightly more expensive, but you can get discount when you buy more than one.

Detailing – it looks really good indeed! OISK is the seller’s name, so it seems like this customer might be happy.

All these costumes can be additionaly tailored to your height or customized whatever you fancy.


You can also get costume parts from other sellers, like these claws. They’re just $7 bucks, with inexpensive shipping.

onsie animal Aliexpress

… or you can go just with these onsies. While they’re not exactly fursuits, they’re comfortable and great deal for just about 20 bucks. Good idea to start your Furry adventures with something as simple as this onesie!

Magic the Gathering Bootlegs on Aliexpress: Just Like Original!

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We’ve all been electrified with the news that legendary Black Lotus – a white crow among the cards from first and most popular CCG (Collectible Card Game) has been sold for $166k in auction. CCG market is really heated up, as the cards from original edition (1993) and later come with a price tag worthy art masterpieces! It might be now impossible buy this card (even if you had the money), but fortunately Chinese sellers from Aliexpress  waste no time and offer let’s say… bootlegs, that looks just like original Magic the Gathering cards. It’s up to you if you decide if it’s alright or not to buy these cards, but anyway, they are there and seem to be popular among western buyers.

Magic the Gathering Bootlegs – a quick review

The main seller that offers MTG Bootlegs is a Black Lotus VIP Store, that has 650 different cards in his inventory, including latest and the old cards, also premium “foil” edition. You have to actually contact him to get the full list, but the store front displays some excellent previews and the prices start from few bucks to $50 or so for entire set with inexpensive delivery worldwide.

There are also really good reviews, so it seems like they’re undistinguishable from genuine stuff.

magic the gathering bootlegs Aliexpress

MTG Playmats

And there’s more gear for all the MTG players around the world on Aliexpress. Other sellers sell (unofficial) playmats for half the price, like this rather steamy mat:

They’re thick and well made from neoprene, a material used for making professional gaming mousepads.


Or if you prefer something more traditional, you can pick this one, for only $17.99 with inexpensive shipping

magic ccg playmat aliexpressAnd there are even card protectors, possibly for slightly lower price – obvious when you buy at the source, as these are made mostly in China. These Pro-Matte protectors are about $10 with free shipping worldwide.

Or maybe you’re looking for some cool deck box to store your deck while traveling to tournament of FLGS? There are a lot too, like this one for $15:

magic the gathering deck box aliexpress

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