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harem heroes hentai game
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5 Best Hentai Games You Can Play For Free

Do you know that besides classic Visual Novels, there are some really cool hentai games, starring cute girls that you can get intimate with? On top of that, there are games that actually have good playability and will get you hooked to the PC or smartphone. So get your lube ready as you’ll be needing… Keep Reading

artificial hymen aliexpress
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Women are Buying… Fake Hymens from China to Cheat on Husbands

Chinese Aliexpress is full of curiosities that you won’t find in Western online stores, but here’s something we haven’t expected: an artificial hymen. That’s right – jsut put it in the right place to get back the virginity again. It’s easy to use, inexpensive and reliable – and it looks like it’s silently popular in… Keep Reading

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Harajuku Rude Cat T-Shirt

Cats are cute little furballs that like to purr and play, right? At least until you’re feeding them and if you don’t fill their bowl in time, you’ll face a true cat wrath as they’ll become Death, the Destroyers of Worlds. Now you can embrace this dualistic nature of cat, with Rude Cat t-shirt hailing… Keep Reading

re-zero Aliexpress
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Rem From Re:Zero Figures: Now Cheaper than Ever

Rem (レム) is one of the twin maids from Re:Zero anime. Some say she’s the ultimate waifu and we’re pretty sure there are countless otaku’s around the world that fell in love with her terribly. She also has identical twin sister and knows magic – what else to expect from charming kawaii anime girl? If… Keep Reading

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Saber Figures from Fate Stay Night: Now Even Cheaper

Saber – or more precisely Artoria Pendragon is a warrior-maid and a noble knight from Fate/Stay Night series, an anime that creatively draws from Arthurian legends – and is really good at that. It gained some cult following, and no wonder that its main character now lives in hearts of many otaku. After all, who… Keep Reading

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Wonderful Megumin Figures: Now Even Cheaper

Megumin (めぐみん) is one of female protagonists of anime KonoSuba and this lovable character has really explosive temperament! No wonder it’s really popular in cosplay events and it has a big fandom. Being really obsessed with explosion magic, she likes to blow things up – and that includes hearts of otakus that claim she’s their… Keep Reading

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Hatsune Miku Figures on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a wonderful place for looking great otaku gear, if sometimes not entirely genuine stuff. That’s mainly because anime figures are made almost entirely in China, and additional surplus stocks are sold in local marketplaces. Figures typically found there are the same quality for half (or even less!) the price and available with free… Keep Reading

fursuits aliexpress
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Weird and Wonderful World of Fursuits from Aliexpress

You really have to be out of the loop to know nothing about Furries – a quirky fandom of people dressing like wild animals and taking their “fursona”. Some take it just as a cosplay and a mean to just have Friday fun, after a long work week, while others make it their entire lifestyle.… Keep Reading

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Magic the Gathering Bootlegs on Aliexpress: Just Like Original!

We’ve all been electrified with the news that legendary Black Lotus – a white crow among the cards from first and most popular CCG (Collectible Card Game) has been sold for $166k in auction. CCG market is really heated up, as the cards from original edition (1993) and later come with a price tag worthy… Keep Reading

unicorn poo
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Squishy Unicorn Poo

  Unicorns are horses too, ya’ know. Hence, they had the same needs as mundane beasts: they need to eat, sleep and make a poo. And this will be most fabulous poop you’ll see, with glittery horn and rainbow colors. It’s squishy, made from elastic foam, scented and makes great anti-stress gadget, as you can… Keep Reading

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