Harajuku Rude Cat T-Shirt

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Cats are cute little furballs that like to purr and play, right? At least until you’re feeding them and if you don’t fill their bowl in time, you’ll face a true cat wrath as they’ll become Death, the Destroyers of Worlds. Now you can embrace this dualistic nature of cat, with Rude Cat t-shirt hailing from the Harajuku streets (Japanese love their cats too). These t-shirts are available on Aliexpress for just a few bucks – about $7 with free shipping worldwide. Quite cool!

Harajuku Rude Cat T-Shirt Gallery

cat shirt rude Harajuku

harajuku rude cat tshirt Aliexpress

cat shirt rude HARAJUKU

cat shirt rude pocket

And remember: it’s okay, if it’s the cat flipping you. Just don’t try it the other way!

cat flipping you tshirt


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