Magic the Gathering Bootlegs on Aliexpress: Just Like Original!

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We’ve all been electrified with the news that legendary Black Lotus – a white crow among the cards from first and most popular CCG (Collectible Card Game) has been sold for $166k in auction. CCG market is really heated up, as the cards from original edition (1993) and later come with a price tag worthy art masterpieces! It might be now impossible buy this card (even if you had the money), but fortunately Chinese sellers from Aliexpress  waste no time and offer let’s say… bootlegs, that looks just like original Magic the Gathering cards. It’s up to you if you decide if it’s alright or not to buy these cards, but anyway, they are there and seem to be popular among western buyers.

Magic the Gathering Bootlegs – a quick review

The main seller that offers MTG Bootlegs is a Black Lotus VIP Store, that has 650 different cards in his inventory, including latest and the old cards, also premium “foil” edition. You have to actually contact him to get the full list, but the store front displays some excellent previews and the prices start from few bucks to $50 or so for entire set with inexpensive delivery worldwide.

There are also really good reviews, so it seems like they’re undistinguishable from genuine stuff.

magic the gathering bootlegs Aliexpress

MTG Playmats

And there’s more gear for all the MTG players around the world on Aliexpress. Other sellers sell (unofficial) playmats for half the price, like this rather steamy mat:

They’re thick and well made from neoprene, a material used for making professional gaming mousepads.


Or if you prefer something more traditional, you can pick this one, for only $17.99 with inexpensive shipping

magic ccg playmat aliexpressAnd there are even card protectors, possibly for slightly lower price – obvious when you buy at the source, as these are made mostly in China. These Pro-Matte protectors are about $10 with free shipping worldwide.

Or maybe you’re looking for some cool deck box to store your deck while traveling to tournament of FLGS? There are a lot too, like this one for $15:

magic the gathering deck box aliexpress

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