Men Bang: Adult Gay Business Sim Game for PCs and Mobiles with Hot Guys

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As a gay otaku, I can easily get a lot of “reading”material when it comes to Japanese manga genre called Yaoi (or “Boy’s love”) that features usually sweet and sometimes dramatic relationship between male characters and there are some neat Yaoi anime like Okane ga Nai,  not to mention rather infamous Boku no Pico.

yaoi anime

There are plenty of Japanese yaoi manga and anime to satisfy any appetite.

However, until recently, boy’s love where underrepresented in video games.  There might be some obscure Japanese titles, especially Visual Novels, but they weren’t translated into English, so they’re unplayable by anyone without proficiency in the oriental language of the land of Chrysanthemum and Sword, as Ruth Benedict put it (and she didn’t speak a word in Japanese by the way).

Fortunately, hentai game publisher Nutaku that celebrates LGBT values, has filled out this gap by releasing an online game called Men Bang. This explicit game, lets you become a film director and a cab driver Taxi Style, getting laid with hot guys and making money on your XXX videos. You can do that now – at least in this casual game for PCs and mobiles that is available for free. See what it’s about and discover how you can woo dudes in this review.

How does it play?

I’m pretty sure it takes inspiration from an old, but good game called Lula: The Sexy Empire, where you were building your own adult entertainment business, shoot the movies and generally watch the guys perform naughty. This time it’s fully online and it’s definitely not an indie game, albeit still a casual one. You will be managing adult studio, fake taxi style, and to do this succesfully you have to convince guys to perform, level up your relationship, build facilities and improve skills – enjoying hot action at the same time.

date bang men gay game

You’ll need to perform a variety of actions to convince your performers to show some of their body and even perform in a movie for you, like taking a guy to a date.

gay online free game

While you’re away and not playing, you’ll be collecting money and improving skills. If you’ve played similar online browser games you know how this works.

Crucial mechanic is improving relationships with performers, which is done via buying gifts, taking them to dates and of course – clicking and tapping on the screen, depending if you’re playing on PC or phone. It can be played on both, as it works on online account, so it will be accessible wherever you are.

francois sagat men bang

Game feature a real pornstars like Francois Sagat and many more. Unfortunately there is no voiceover, but dialogues are funny and lighthearted.

gay game hentai

Getting new guys rewards you with unlocking new skills.

Is it hot?

One thing you’ll notice instantly is that it’s made in entirely different art style than the usual hentai games and it looks very cartoony, similar to the old Flash games. I think this art direction can be biggest flaw or the biggest turnon for you, depending on your tastes. If you’ve played these short free Flash games, you’ll like it really much, otherwise it might not be your thing. Some prefer fathers and some sons, and there’s nothing wrong with it!

Besides that, it’s a good game with plenty of content and about twenty guys that are willing to pose in your cab. You can obviously go back to unlocked galleries and recollect memories, especially if you’re particularly fond of some hot cake. Besides sex scenes, unlocked via relationship screen, you can even challenge other players to some luscious contests, like which one makes a guy cum faster. That’s some hot idea!

You can even dress up dudes in some slutty (or more innocent) uniforms, so they can battle other players better. Each costume provides various bonuses, so balanced combination is the best way to go. C’mon, don’t be skimpy, buy him this sexy tight leathear pants!

game gay online

When you fully unlock the guy, you can start employing him in your studio. The more dudes you unlock, the more means to profit you’ll have. As you can see, the game is indeed explicit.

Why should you play Men Bang?

  • Well, it might be the first gay game in its genre,
  • Works on mobiles and PCs and it’s UI is definitely optimized for smartphones,
  • Casual browser game that you can always log in into to see how your business develops and hop onto some hot action,
  • Western-comic art style – which you’ll love or hate,
  • 20 eager guys to “work” with,
  • Collecting dudes feels like catching Pokemons – although it’s a clicker, so be prepared to click and tap a lot,
  • New large expansion just released, so it’s updated regularly,
  • Available in several languages that can be picked in settings.

Interested in playing? It’s free, with microtransactions if you want to level up faster and so on, but it’s nothing necessary as the game plays fine without much grind, at least in the beginning. Requires free registration as it is online game. See it now and try it.

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