Millenium War Aigis

Millenium War Aigis is a free online tower defense with h-scenes, daily missions and over 200 collectable characters to “bond” with. Recently translated into english. Here are some FAQ on how to begin playing Aigis.

What is it?

It’s japanese tower defense game with over 200 characters to unlock. Characters are obtained via mission completion, special events and gatcha draw. Game is played through series of missions, which can be repeated for gold and characters and to get maximum, 3-star rating for best mission prize. There are various missions: main story, urgent, event and daily missions. Completing missions will give you gold, experience for main character (Prince), new characters and “bond” items.

It’s completely free and everything can be obtained through normal play, though you can buy gold to get more gatchas or faster exp accumulation.

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How to unlock h-scenes?

You can unlock 2 scenes with every girl “bonding” with them. Choose “Bonding” from main menu, pick character and choose gifts to give them. Each gift will give you +1% to +5% affection which would give you bonus to stats, and after reaching 30% and 70% will unlock h-scene, which can be also reviewed later. Gifts can be obtained in missions, Wednesday missions (“The Sky’s Gift”) and daily stamp.

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Gift Screen

soma unlocked

Congratulations, you have unlocked Soma

Will it play on mobile?

No, game is designed in Flash, so it requires computer to play. New phones or tablets could probably play this with Adobe Flash emulator, however it would require significant processing power and even if you will manage to run it, it would probably run very slow and will drain battery fast.

How to obtain 3-star rating in mission, required to get main prize?

There are 2 conditions: kill every monster and do not let any of your character to die. Always withdraw heroes, when they are nearly 0 HP. If you can’t still get 3 stars, play mission later, when you heroes will have higher levels.

How “gatcha” works?

You can summon new heroes in Shrine. Main currency for obtaining “Premium” or “Rare” random (gatcha) characters are crystals. You can exchange 3 crystals for Rare draw or 5 for Premium draw. Crystals are awarded in daily stamps and for most missions completed with 3-stars (once for each mission). You should draw “Premium” only in order to maximize your chance for best characters. There are also events which would raise chances to obtain some chosen heroes.

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Important math behind gatcha – draw chances:

Premium Summon:

Black – 6 star hero –  (3%)

Platinum – 5 star –  (10%)

Gold – 4 star – (37%)

Silver – 3 star –  (50%)

Rare Summon:

Black – 6 star hero –  (1%)

Platinum – 5 star –  (2,5%)

Gold – 4 star – (26,5%)

Silver – 3 star –  (70%)

Also don’t forget that you can summon base unit once per day for free! Characters summoned this way will be common 1 or 2 star basic soldiers, however there is some fixed chance (about 10%) that you will draw 3-star character.

What is “commision sortie”?

After completing mission with 3-star rating you can “autoplay it”, commisioning heroes to do it. It would give you instant reward just like you would complete it normally in 3-stars, without last character or crystals as you would normally get for first time completion. Those missions are labeled “commision available”.

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How to change title?

After every few levels, your main character (Prince) will get new title, which would give you fixed bonus to this hero. Remember to check for new titles and claim new bonus. To change character, click your hero name on top of the screen.

commision sortie millenium war aigis

Gameplay Video:


So what are you waiting for, register for free and “conquer” some pretty girls.

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