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Saber – or more precisely Artoria Pendragon is a warrior-maid and a noble knight from Fate/Stay Night series, an anime that creatively draws from Arthurian legends – and is really good at that. It gained some cult following, and no wonder that its main character now lives in hearts of many otaku. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a noble waifu, ready to defend you from the dangers of evil lurking outside the basement? 🙂

Anyway, due to its popularity, there are plenty of Saber and FSN merch, so if you consider yourself a fan, it might be worth picking an anime figure or two, to have your own Saber sitting in the desk, sword drawn and all. While typically these figures costs as much as $100-$150, or even more for Out of Production figures, you can get it much, much cheaper on Aliexpress – like for $25 and with free shipping worldwide. Take a look at what you can find there and see really good deals that you can grab:

saber cosplay aliexpress

Saber Cosplay by Anna Fishcher

Saber figures on Aliexpress

saber fate stay night aliexpress

Saber anime figure – at 15 cm height, it’s quite tall, and she looks imposing in her armor.  Features impressive number of customization and can be posed in unlimited amount of battle stances. The price? Just $24 (including shipping) and more than 100 sold – that’s really good offer!

Saber in velvet dress: This is huge figure and it looks fantastic, with flowing dress and dynamic pose. Has some props to spice it up and customize your own, sexy-looking Black Saber. It’s 26 cm big (!) and it’s only $42.55 – a true piece of art!

Saber in black, red or white skirt and jacket. Three colors to choose from – my favorite is black and it’s actually sitting at my desk as I write this. About $24 with shipping and it’s at 1/7 scale.

keychain aliexpress fate

There is also this cute Saber keychain and it’s only $1.82 with free shipping. You get free delivery even if you aren’t buying anything else from this seller!

nendoroid aliexpress fate

Everyone loves Nendos, or anime figures in superdeformed kawaii style. Pick it up for just $18 with shipping and enjoy your little Saber!


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